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Chennai is a metro and a very busy city, where many students are pursuing many degrees. Projects are very important part of any degree course, without completing a project, students cannot complete their course. So, every student has to do a project based on IEEE standards during their Final year. The project can be on their own idea or an existing one, but the trendy good projects catch the attention and give a very good impression. Since the professors cannot help each and every student for the project, the students should look for the external Project Centers for completing their project, as the students can get full attention and assistance from these project centers. We at UNIQ would help you to achieve your goal. We stand as one of the best project centers in T.nagar, Chennai because of our talented world class trainers and available facilities..

The best Project centers in Chennai donít cost too much when compared to other cities. The project can be chosen by the students along with the domain or technology they are interested in.

In order to do these projects, the students seek the help of best project centreís and chennai has a lot of project centerss with all needs. UNIQ can be counted upon when it comes to the best project center in Chennai. We provide training, internship on projects for the B.E/B.TECH of all the streams and also MCA and M.E students.

We offer a lot of domains like data mining, image processing, grid computing, distributed networking and lots more.