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Distributed Networks

Distributed Networks is a distributed computing network system, said to be "dispersed" when the computer programming and the data to be worked on are dispersed out over more than one computer. Usually, this is implemented over a network.


  • Distributed system is a set of independent computers linked by a network that appear to the users of the system as a single computer.
  • These machines are self-directed which implies that these systems work independently.
  • Distributed Systems are professed as a single system solving certain problems (even if in reality they are placed in different locations).
  • By running distributed system software, the computers are enabled to match up and share the activities and resources respectively.
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Block Diagram

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best project center


  • Performance

 The compilation of processors can provide higher performance;

  • Incremental Growth

 When required some processors, we can add the systems to the dispersed systems.

  • Reliability

  If one machine gets defective, other machines can still survive in the network.

  • Speed

 One machine can have more computing power than a mainframe.

  • Open System

 One machine in the network acts as an open system so that the supply of that system can be accessed over the whole network.

  • Economic

 Better price than the other mainframe.

  • Sharing data or resources

 Shared data is vital to many applications such as banking, reservation systems etc, other resources (expensive printers) can also be shared.

  • Communication

 Facilitates human-to-human communication.

Real Time Examples

  • Distributed computing has various real time example which are being in use.
  • ATM Withdrawal.
  • Internet Banking.
  • Reservation system for Train/ Flight.
  • Real Time Logistics Tracking.